Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center for the Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois

Skokie, IL

This new Museum was conceived of not only to tell the story of the Holocaust, but also as an education center (the Foundation’s primary audience is school children) and as a Memorial to the founders of the HMFI. The Foundation was started by a group of survivors who came forward to tell their stories in the late 1970’s and lobbied for the enactment of legislation requiring holocaust education in Illinois schools. The design of the new Museum reaches into biblical history and holocaust history for themes that touch every aspect of the building, from its overall layout to the materials chosen and the ways that the mechanical systems are laid out and exposed to view. Each consultant, in the unusually collaborative context, was asked to work to imbue the project with meaning by making appropriate, content-informed decisions throughout the process. The building has taken an unusual stand on a site adjacent to the Edens expressway. Many techniques have been employed to remediate the acoustical burden caused by highway noise including grout-fill of the block walls and concrete roof topping. The landscape designed by Peter Lindsay Schaudt plays an integral role in the telling of this important story. The project uses radiant hydronic floor heat and is seeking LEED silver certification.

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All images courtesy of Tigerman McCurry Architects.